WinVoice Junior Plus!Tm
Documentation Addendum
Copyright 1997 WinVoice Development


This addendum to your users manual identifies the new features of WinVoice Junior Plus!Tm and informs you of their most common uses. Before installing this module, you should read this printing in it's entirety!

By purchasing the WinVoice Junior Plus Module, you are adding many new and exciting features to your existing copy of WinVoiceJR v1.0. Features such as: automatic interest charges, multiple departments, work calendar, new and enhanced reports, pie chart printing, non-taxable charge types, keyboard hot keys, and a new faster print engine. These features and enhancements were suggested by our users and evaluated by our development team as the ones most needed to assist you in managing your time and your laboratory more efficiently.

WinVoiceJR Plus!Tm will only install over an existing licensed copy of

WinVoiceJR v1.0. Please insure that your original copy of WinVoiceJR v1.0 is installed and running before installing WinVoiceJR Plus!Tm.


Insert disk into drive, click the start button(Windows9x/NT), or the File menu from Program manager(Windows v3.1), and select the option named Run. Type in a:\setup or b:\setup depending if your 3 1/2 floppy drive is A: or B:. Click the Ok button. Follow on screen instructions.

Be sure that the destination path is the same as WinVoiceJR v1.0.


Interest charges

Each doctor can now have an interest charge percentage assigned to their account in doctor edit. When you end a month, WinVoice Junior Plus!Tm will provide you with a list of all doctors that have an interest charge percentage greater than zero. You are allowed to mark all doctors, or selected doctors in the list for which to calculate interest. When you continue, the program will research each selected doctor's account and create an interest charge for each doctor that is over 30 days past due. The interest charges will be printed on each doctor's statement.

Group billing

You may now assign a doctor to be placed on a different doctor's billing account. This allows multiple doctors to receive one single statement listing several doctor's cases. Note: Printed statements are NOT sub-totaled by doctors. The statement contains a complete listing of all finished cases for all doctors billed to it in order of date.


Case List

Now displays totals in the title bar of the dialog. Using the Invoice button on the doctor list will allow you to quickly see totals for different doctors.

You may now print the case list. See Reports, or click the small icon in the upper left hand corner of the case list dialog.


Added new field Department. This field is used to categorize each charge. It is also used to separate how charges are listed on the Charge report. Examples of departments are; C&B, Denture. By using this feature, when you end a month you can easily determine the value of work preformed by each department. In company configuration you can select to make department a required field for data entry on every case.

To set a charge to be non-taxable, include an * at the end of the fee/quan field. Note: just an asterisk after the fee.

In company configure, you can select to use the new work calendar. This calendar displays the number of cases that are due on each day of the month. If you right click on a day, a list of cases due on that day will be displayed.


New reports

Case list

This report will print your list of cases, the options are similar to the case list view options.


Allows you to see what charges where made during the month, and the total dollar amount. Report is divided by department.

YTD Doctor Productivity

A YTD equivalent of the Doctor Productivity Report. Note: Sales amounts are not stored.


Case Due Reports

You now have the ability to set date ranges for these reports thereby increasing the potential management information.


When ending month, interest charges can be automatically applied to selected doctors. Uses Group billing.

Pie Charts

You now have a print button which allows you to print color pie charts as related to a given report. Note: Based upon the speed of your processor, this could take several minutes to print due to the heavy graphical nature of pie charts. This feature may NOT work on all printers due to older print drivers that could be installed upon your machine.



Make Department Mandatory switch; allows you to force a department to be selected on cases.

Use new due calendar switch allows you to change which calendar you wish to use to make your due date selection.



Click the button to enable/disable password protection. Type new password and press enter to enable, or press enter while leaving the field blank, to disable password protection.



Added Department selection.


Displays totals in the title bar, minor speed improvements.


New options

Test Disk After Backup; will test the file integrity of the backup it creates. Note: This is NOT a substitute for regularly using Scandisk on your floppies.

Do Not Compress Data can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for your system to preform a backup. It will however, require many disks to contain the uncompressed information.

Example: With compression, a typical Junior backup takes just one disk. Without backup, it may take up to 8 disks if all Junior directories and sub-directories are to be backed up.

Hints & Tips

Keyboard Hot-Key Reference

Exit WinVoice JuniorAlt-X
Case listCtrl-C
Report listCtrl-R
Credit listCtrl-E
Doctor listCtrl-D
Accounts dueCtrl-U
MTD Doctor productivityCtrl-P
YTD Doctor productivityCtrl-Y
Doctor cases dueCtrl-O
In-lab cases dueCtrl-B
Case ListCtrl-T
Edit fileAlt-F
YTD ClearAlt-Y
Change themeAlt-T
Edit companyAlt-E
Cue cards on/offAlt-U
Sound on/offAlt-S