WinVoice Junior Plus IITm
Documentation Addendum
Copyright 1998 WinVoice Development


Congratulations! By purchasing the WinVoice Junior Plus Module II, you are adding many new and exciting features to your existing copy of WinVoiceJR v1.0 with Plus Module I. A few new features are: Advanced History Reporting, Image Storage, Auto-Scheduling and Case Units. These were the enhancements most suggested by our users and evaluated by our development team as the ones most needed to assist you in efficiently managing your laboratory.

Notice! Before installing the enclosed disk, you should read this printing in it's entirety!

WinVoiceJR Plus IITm will only install over an existing licensed copy of WinVoiceJR v1.0 with Plus I. Please insure that your original copy of WinVoiceJR v1.0 is first installed. Secondly, insure that your copy of WinVoice Junior Plus ITm is installed before installing WinVoiceJR Plus IITm.


Insert the enclosed disk into your computer's disk drive. Click the Start button (Windows95/97/NT), or the File menu from Program manager (Windows v3.1), select the option named Run. At the curser type "a:\setup" or "b:\setup" depending upon which drive you inserted the 3 1/2 floppy into, (do not include the quotation marks when typing). Click the Ok button and then follow the on screen instructions until installation is complete.

Note! Be certain that the destination directory is the same as your existing WinVoice software.



Added new field Units. This is automatically updated each time you select a charge or select a tooth/teeth on the tooth chart.

New auto-scheduling calendar. The system now takes the number of units selected and multiples this figure by the units count that you record in brainwash for that particular charge. To configure the calendar, right click on any given day, or on the column headers listed for the days of the week, at the top of the calendar.

Image button on case screen allows you to attach a bitmap image to a case when you save it. The imaging module is very easy to use. It allows you to either Open File to store an already existing bitmap on your computer, or Select Source to select what type of scanner or digital camera you will be using to digitize you image. Acquire will retrieve the image from the source you have selected. Please note that the imaging module supports only 100% Twain compliant scanning sources. The "Options" menu will allow you to fine tune the scanning procedure depending on the type of equipment you are using.


New reports

Sales Tax

New report giving a breakdown of tax charged. Allows you to select specific period/s for which to report.


MTD/YTD Doctor Productivity

Has been replaced with a single report called Doctor Productivity. The Doctor Productivity report now displays a box that allows you to select specific period/s for which to report. This allows you to compile reports based upon a very specific time frame.

Charge Report

This has been enhanced to allow you to select periods, much the same way as the improved doctor productivity report.

Case List

Ability to select periods


Ability to select periods


The familiar This Month Last Month buttons have been replaced by a single pull down box that contains this month, last month, and any previous periods. This is a very powerful reporting tool, allowing you to easily reprint past doctor statements.



Use new due calendar switch allows you to toggle between the new improved calendar or the old familiar one.

No theme background allows you to select between different background gradient colors to be used in the No Theme mode.



When editing a charge, there is now a new field allowing you to record the number of days, or fraction of days it takes to complete a unit associated with a particular charge. For instance, if your lab comfortably completes one porcelain fused to non precious crown in five and one half working days, enter 5.5 into this field. The auto-scheduler will use this information to calculate when to schedule the case for completion.


Many, many behind the scenes enhancements, including units field, imaging module, and a faster print engine.


New option

Only important files; will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to backup. This selection will limit your backup to your executable file, this months information, last months information, your history file, and all .tpf files.

The following is a comparison chart that you should use to decide which backup option you feel most comfortable with.

182 secTypical full backup with compression898K
59 secFull backup w/o compression7.6Meg
28 secOnly important backup w/compression161K
13 secOnly important backup w/o compression376K

Hints & Tips

Keyboard Hot-Key Reference

Exit WinVoice JuniorAlt-X
Barcode lookupAlt-O
Case listCtrl-C
Report listCtrl-R
Credit listCtrl-E
Doctor listCtrl-D
Accounts dueCtrl-U
Doctor productivityCtrl-P
Sales tax Ctrl-Y
Doctor cases dueCtrl-O
In-lab cases dueCtrl-B
Case ListCtrl-T
Edit fileAlt-F
YTD ClearAlt-Y
Change themeAlt-T
Edit companyAlt-E
Cue cards on/offAlt-U
Sound on/offAlt-S