WinVoice Junior Plus IIITm
Documentation Addendum
Copyright 2000 WinVoice Development


Congratulations! By purchasing the WinVoice Junior Plus Module III, you are adding many new and exciting features to your existing copy of WinVoiceJR v1.0 with Plus Module I & Plus Module II. A few of the new features are: Employee security, activity logging, printer memorization, step scheduling, batch cases, most internal functions redone to emphasize speed on larger quantities of cases, and an improved backup program. These were the enhancements most suggested by our users and evaluated by our development team as the ones most needed to assist you in efficiently managing your laboratory.

Before installing the enclosed disk, you should read this printing in it's entirety! WinVoice Junior Plus IIITm will only install over an existing licensed copy of WinVoice Junior v1.0 with Plus I and Plus II. Please insure that your original copy of WinVoice Junior v1.0 is first installed. Secondly, insure that your copy of WinVoice Junior Plus ITm is installed. Lastly, insure that your copy of WinVoice Junior Plus IITm is installed before installing Plus IIITm .

Make sure that Junior is not running on this computer, we recommend rebooting the computer before installation to verify that no files are being locked by Windows. Insert the enclosed disk into your computer's disk drive. Click the Start button (Windows95/97/NT), or the File menu from Program manager (Windows v3.1), select the option named Run. At the curser type "a:\setup" or "b:\setup" depending upon which drive you inserted the 3 1/2 floppy into, (do not include the quotation marks when typing). Click the Ok button and then follow the on screen instructions until installation is complete. Note! Be certain that the destination directory is the same as your existing WinVoice software.

Whenever you start Plus III, it'll ask you to select employee name and enter the password. The software comes pre-configured with one employee "Admin" that has access to everything. When first started, Admin does not have a password, so you may simply click on the Logon button to get into Junior. Employees
Under the Junior 2000 themes employee list button, or by clicking Config and clicking the Employee's button. You can configure the employees that have access to the software as well as their passwords.

See "batch cases" under config for details on how to streamline case creation. Steps button on case screen allows you to select proceedures and steps for case scheduling. After clicking on Steps, click on "Add" to add a proceedure, you may then use the various buttons to change assigned employee, delete a step, rearrange a step, or change the start/end dates for the various steps. Printing Three new print formats give you more choices on how to print. These new print formats expand on the critique form by giving you the option of any of the left hand sides from the other existing formats Note that printers are now "memorized" which means that when you change the setup of a printer, it remembers it the next time you print, even if you change the main printer settings through windows. This will allow labs that wish to use custom paper sizes and settings to do so without disrupting other windows programs. Also each section has different printer memorizations, so if you can have different settings for cases, statements, labels, and other reports. One disadvantage exists if you delete the printer driver, Junior will not print. If you delete a printer driver, then you must use the "clear printers" icon option from Print Tune to reset the printer memory.

All reports that deal with history have been greatly sped up by using an index to locate history cases. So all of your old reports should generate much faster, with a small cost in time at load-up and end of month when the indexes are recreated. New reports
Steps This report allows you to get a report of what steps need to be completed for cases. You may specify specific employees if you'd like to give an employee a list of work that needs to be completed on a daily basis. Mailing Labels This much requested feature gives you the ability to print out on any type of label paper currently available. Logs Get a breakdown of all the activities that happened inside of Junior. This is helpful when trying to track down cases getting prematurely closed or deleted.

Batch Cases switch allows you to quickly create a large number of cases without having to click on "Create New" each time. Proceedures
Steps Proceedures are lists of steps. Steps are work that needs to be completed for a case. To configure proceedures, click on the Proceedures button on the 2000 theme, or click the icon in the upper left hand corner of the main Junior screen and select configure proceedures. You can then create/delete/edit the names of your proceedures. Then click the "Steps" button at the bottom to configure the various steps that it takes for this proceedure. Your able to select the starting/ending time of day for the steps as well as how many days it takes to complete.

Redesigned internaly with the new printing module to use printer memorization and many speed improvements on lookup. Backup
New compression scheme provides a much faster backup as well as tighter compression. Imaging
New option to 'Stretch' the image to fit the window, this gives a better picture for scanners that don't support many dpi ranges.

The new Junior theme named Junior 2000 presents an attractive technological based view that puts all of the feature of Plus III at your fingertips. While in the theme section, you should also try the "use screen palette" option, as it can dramaticaly improve how fast your screen operates.
Hints & Tips

Remember that ending the month tells the system that it is time to end the billing cycle for ALL doctors (moving the invoice information to each doctor's statement account). This needs to be done before printing your doctor's statements. This simple procedure is the one most overlooked by users with limited accounting and computer skills.
Click on the small icon in the upper left hand corner of dialog boxes to display sometimes overlooked features. For instance, if you click the one on the case dialog box, you are given the option to print the case list report. Clicking the icon from the main desktop gives you access to all of WinVoice Junior Plus IIITm functions. You may also get this list by right clicking on the desktop.
Experiment with your print driver, and/or find another compatible print driver for your printer. Try different settings for graphics, resolution and print quality to find the best combination of speed vs compatibility. If you are not using a graphical .TPF, set resolution to the minimum, this can GREATLY increase the speed of your printer. Remember to write down the original settings in the back of your manual for later reference if necessary.
If you use a password, write it down and store it in a safe place. DO NOT LOOSE OR FORGET IT technical support does NOT have the ability to remember your forgotten passwords.
The scroll bar to the far right hand side of the charge list allows you to manipulate up to 20 charges for each case.
Remember, it's not mandatory to use any of the new features. It's possible to continue using Junior as always, moving to the new features at will or as needed.