New for 1999-2011

Last Revision Numbers: The following products are discontinued and have been replaced with Winvoice Online
Winvoice Online updates

Fixed potential 4 digit rounding issue with pennyweight conversion in the override price list section of Quick Invoice.

Added filtering by email address in Users configuration.

Changed links to Marathon's new website at Added ability to print territory on invoice printout.

Fixed issue with "force ship to sort" on breakdown report. Created workaround for microsoft maximum control on page windows update for customers editing lots of items and price lists. New IF_GOTITEM tpf command to assist in doing global branches if an item is selected. Built in ability for support staff to do limited customizations on autoemail text(record station notifications, payment created, adjustment created). If you require this functionality, please call support. On invoice create/edit/view, if you hover over the word "Ship To" you can see the customers address/phone. Added fixes for Chrome's new tighter regulations on filenames for downloading. On Nov 9th they apparently decided you can't have filenames with commas in them anymore, so it broke all multi-invoice printing. Commas are now replaced with dashes.

Added new Statistic Report Item Received.

Removed the ability to set a payment or adjustment into a future date.

Added day of week printing capability

When setting prices on price list, when you select a customer, it will show both their price list as well as now showing their override price list. This should make it easier to see how the customer is really priced.

Added "Force sort by shipto" on UnShipped Breakdown report. Added "Require Tray" option to Company configuration allowing you to force a tray number on creating a new invoice. Added "Print All Invoices", "Print All Adjustments", and "Print All Payments" to the statement screen to be able to reprint all the particular items on a given statement.

Changed code to prevent back button/loss of session on new invoice.

Added "Quick Description" for payments and adjustments. This should allow you to quickly find check numbers, associated inv#s, or patients.

New version of PDF and AJAX libraries for better compatibility with newer versions of Acrobat and browsers(IE9, FireFox 5, etc)

Added ability under company configuration to trim down the number of billing cycles that are displayed. Defaults to 240 entries, which if you end your billing cycles once a month, ends up being 20 years.

Added ability to print tray numbers for invoices on statements. This will *significantly* increase the time it takes to generate printed statements. It will not display on-screen.

Added due date to the scheduling calendar.

New search option available on view invoices for being able to view only invoices that contain a certain item. This would allow you, for example, select PFM and then see every invoice that had a PFM on it.

When creating a new shade from the invoice screen, now checks to see if it was previously deleted and undeletes the shade rather than simply not working.

Fixed issue with payment showing positive on the Register report.

Due to popular demand, reversed code change from 12/10/2010 so that you can now either "View Invs" or "All Invs" from the customer list. If you want to maintain your last view settings, use "View" if you want to see all for a particular customer, use "All"("All" working like previous functionality).

Corrected issue with Register report and 2011.

Changed Scheduled Today Lab Status option to now include invoices that had been scheduled for previous dates but had not been shipped. This give you a better picture of work that you should be attempting to ship on the current day. Changed the behavior of the View Inv, View Pay, View Adj buttons from the Customer page so that they retain all the other view options you may have selected for the appropriate section.

Added "Override Price List" to customer edit screen. This allows you to assign a price list that gets overlayed on top of the regular price list. This allows you to have a master price list and then a second price list that just changes a few items. Please note, if you don't have an item priced in the main price list, but have it priced in the override list, it will NOT appear when your attempting to create an invoice. Overrides only override already existing prices.

Added FORCEPAPERSIZE TPF command to be able to set default page/paper size. Note that you'd need to select an appropriate paper size for your printer and/or turn off scaling in Acrobat while printing for it to be effective. Fixed issue where year would only go back to 2006 on Billing Chart report even if data was older.

Added ability in Messages to view previously sent messages and check if they had been read yet. Updated control toolkit to fix memory issues with IE6/7.

Fixed issue with clearing saved settings for resetting cache on server. Fixed Production report to restrict on Territory login.

Corrected issue with copying customers introduced by latest microsoft security update. Fixed issue with Lab Status for Office logins so they don't see money totals.

Fixed issue with Station Count report for invoices without items. Added accesskeys(keyboard navigation) to invoice new/edit/view. For Windows use Alt(for IE, Chrome, Safari, FireFox<2.0) Alt+Shift(FireFox), Shift+Esc(Opera). On Mac use Ctrl+Option(Chrome, Safari), Ctrl(Safari<3, FireFox). Please note that Marathon has changed gateways and you will need to contact them for a new username/password to access it.

Updated to newer Martahon processing code. Added Station Breakdown report under Activities.

Fixed issue with Went to Station report where it would not show the contents of the last day selected(time of day issue).

Fixed issue with deleting stations from view invoice.

Changed lab status "go" button to not reset the max number of return value count. Be aware that searches may take additional time as they are no longer limited. Fixed issue with resetting specific payment type on invoice list. Added payment type column to the invoice list.

Changed logging to default to todays date. Changed Customer Edit to use a different form of id storage to hopefully prevent multiple windows from writing over incorrect customers.

Fixed issue with Balance Report showing totals on-screen but not in print out. Added Copy customer feature.

Added ability to edit MemoTypes under Admin->Advanced->Memo Types. Added new Billing report called Register which gives a sortable overview of all billable activity. Opened Reports->Statistics->Production report to territory users. Created a method of remembering last sort order on invoice list. To delete a recorded station, Admin's may now view an invoice and a Delete button will be next to each entry. Please note that you can not delete built-in stations like Created/Edited/Shipped. Added ability to change the header date when printing statements for prettier printing. Changed the scheduled turnaround code to look at days off to give a more accurate starting scheduled date.

Javascript changes to disable save/clear buttons on creating payments, adjustments, credit card payments while posting back to server to prevent double clicks. Please note that if you use the back button you can still replicate the issue of double entering in payments.

Javascript changes to attempt to correct issues caused by windows update for tab ordering on create new invoice.

Added new Station Count report to give a count of number of times occuring and a summary of invoice units. Please note that if a quantity is less than 1 but greater than 0, you could potentially have a smaller number of units than quantity. Dates are based on time station was recorded. Added Employee option to record station.

Changed time clock web interface to redirect back to main page after 10 minutes of inactivity to reduce server resources. Fixed issue with time clock editor and break clock editor not showing old time on edit with latest control toolkit.

Added Light Purple theme. Changed to new WinVoice logo. Added Customer column to lab log report.

Added Black and White theme. Added Customer selection to lab log and lab log report. Displayed samples of invoice and statement paper on end billing cycle and print configuration for better information on our products. When saving an invoice, a check will be done to see if you've ever done the same patient name previously for a customer and display the list of invoice numbers. This will help identify if a patient may have been double entered. Upon closing a billing cycle, the statement cycle will be set for the one just closed. Added Ship+Print on Quick Invoice. Added Reconciled and Tax as optional columns to view invoices.

Added SubTotal to the unshipped breakdown report.

Added nasty note to undo billing cycle as there has been a rash of improper use recently. This feature is to be used in cases of accidents with first knowning all the implications and following the proper proceedure afterwards. Failure to do so will cause issues. Added ability to set customer specific statement formats. Added ability to "reconcile" invoices. You can then change your invoice search options to show reconciled or unreconciled invoices. Most common use for this function is to mark invoices as "paid". To unreconcile an invoice, use View Invoice and use the "UnReconcile" button at the bottom.

Fixed issue with editing a user that was assigned to a deleted customer. Added option to InvoiceTypes to show or not show when customers and territories create pending invoices. This will allow you to hide your discount types from them.

Added invoice search by reference number. Removed ability to save a negative payment, please use adjustments instead.

Added additional protections from editing/shipping deleted invoices. Added credit cards report to see payments that where credit card transactions.

Fixed issue with Opera 10.5 beta on autoexpander controls.

Fixed issue with black color tpf command. Fixed pdf lines to be back to standard thickness. Fixed issue with bold underline pdf rendering.

Fixed security for close billing cycle and new tools option for Managers. Gave Managers the ability to run credit cards like Office users. Added ability to print WinVoice Online statement.

After reviewing the most common support calls of 2009, we've moved "undo billing cycle" to new section Admin->Advanced->Tools. This will also be the place for future features that should be visited rarely if ever at all. Added two new theme layouts, one is a "low bandwidth" version that contains nothing but a top menu bar. No logo, no company name, no stats. Highly recommended for dial up customers or those wanting a "clean" experience. A second layout combines the top menu bar with the standard left and right stats rather than all stats on just one side. Due to "low bandwidth" not having stats, created Reports->Activity->Lab Status to display the same information as the sidebar.

Changed Customer Productivity report to only show customers who have had non-zero work and to remove non-deleted requirement so that you can look at older work easier. When viewing an invoice, stations now give time at station. Changed error message on quick invoice when trying to do "override and ship" on an already shipped invoice.

Added Upload Links option under Invoice. This allows you to send a file that contains InvoiceID,LinkDescription,LinkURL to add mass links to invoices. We're working with postage software companies to allow you to give clickable tracking links to your customers when they view invoices.

Changed image cache handling to help customers with low speed internet connections. Changed validation to allow > and <(used by html) characters in all fields. The new SQL server has been in place since Jan 1st and our new internet line Dec 28th, thanks to funds from our SharpGlasses ad. If you feel you must remove it, use the Edit Pages, header and footer section.

Automatic feature to correct TaxZone errors of not providing code and/or name for a tax percentage. Runs whenever Tax report is accessed or loading tax zone configuration. We have upgraded our second internet line from microwave to fiber, this should smooth the roughness that you may have experienced the last several months. This weekend we will be installing our new SQL Server allowing for much faster access. When new Messages are sent, an email will go out if the destination user has an email configured. At the bottom of these emails are an unsubscribe link. New Feature under Admin-Advanced config for Auto Emails that allow you to automatically send notices when different events happen.

Changed to new PDF rendering engine. This should significantly speed up PDF generation and reports will look cleaner. Fixed issue with Daily report showing time of day.

Microsoft released their new version of AJAX onto CodePlex, it has a great number of performance improvements. It also inlines the toolkit we've been using for years. This should help clients on slower internet lines. Please let support know if you find any issues.

Added new admin feature under Admin-Settings-Edit Pages called Edit Header/Footer. This allows you to put information above and below any page on your site. For example, if you want your customers to email you rather than use the message function, you could add a header or footer to the message page explaining what you'd like them to do. Or if there's special rules on creating an invoice, change Header_invoice and list those rules. This opens up a whole world of customization to WinVoice Online. You must have gone to the page at least once. You can tell what the page name will be by going to area that you would like a header or footer then reading your address bar. For example, if you wanted to put information on the login page, you would go to login and your address bar would say something like, that would mean there would be a Header_login and Footer_login. Added the ability for Managers to be able to see Price List and Bill To on the Customer List report. Removed ability for customers/territories to send messages to the "support" account(built-in account created by e.lens, Inc for support purposes). Added new Due report under Reports-Activity. Allows you to prioritize invoices based on due and scheduled. For instance, if you find that a job will take longer than expected and it will result in your schedule on other work being thrown off, you could consult this report and quickly see which invoices are scheduled much sooner than they are due, allowing you to then go and reschedule those invoices and meet your schedule.

Fixed issue with adjusting all prices by percent profit. Also enhanced the warning to describe how percent profit works(assumes current price is cost in calc). This is to prewarn customers who believe they are able to type in 30, get a result, then use -30 to get back to the original number(it doesn't, that's why there is a seperate "percent" and "percent profit" lines).

Replaced html editor with more full featured AJAX compatible version.

Fixed issue with calendar to have 6 rows rather than 5. Added feature to creating and editing payments and adjustments to reset the current the date filter to be the current billing cycle. Added button to bottom of calendar to be able to filter out shipped invoices from scheduling/appointment totals.

Correction for Shades of Grey theme gridview sort icon. Added new Admin menu Support/Sales option to give our contact information. Now pulling list of available credit card payments for WO Statements from WO database rather than company database. Added ability under WinVoice Online Statement report to update credit card information when you get a new card rather than wait for old card to be declined. Added background color on hover links to help make them stand out more when mouse is over them. Added filter to remove spaces and dashes from credit card numbers. Added "Show only Save and Ship on invoice" option to company configuration.

Fixed issue with copy invoice.

Fixed issue with IE8 and the totals at the bottom of create invoice. Corrected possible issue from either using back button, bringing up new tab of quick invoice to research an invoice, or timing out while creating a new or editing a different invoice.

Another change to the style, complete swap out of menus with CSS Friendly Control Adapters which should completely take care of the IE8 large page menu slowdown. You may need to hold down the shift key and hit refresh to pull down the new style sheets for your given theme. Changed editing a price list to display all the customers who are assigned that price list.

Large changes to main pages and styles to better render(speed/apperance) under more recent browsers(IE8, FireFox 3.5, Safari 4). There is a known issue with IE8 where if you have a large number of items on the page, the menu control will be very-very-very slow. Until they correct this issue, we suggest hitting the "compatibility" button in your address bar. The page will look the same, but this menu will be the same speed no matter where you are.

Added quick name filter to time clock editor. Changed suspended code where you can put in new credit card information and attempt to process the card and unsuspend after hours.

Added new item qty type of "Qty is Weight(x.xxxx)(Teeth)" that allows you to select teeth and base the price off a weight(decimal number). Added ability to fine tune the appearance of the company name and slogan at the top of your page. Under Admin, Settings, Company there are two new options, Company name style override and Company slogan style override. These fields contain the CSS style for the name and slogan when not empty. Use with caution as there is no checking to make sure the CSS type enter is valid and should only be attempted by those with web page knowledge.

Fixed issue with Estimated Cycle to properly include all of the last day of the month.

Added new advanced view option to View Invoices, View Adjustments, and View Payments. By turning on "Op", you will be given a view/edit/print button column for each invoice in your invoice list. Added quick links on Items and Price List configuration to switch back and forth between each section. Added quick link sections to statements to view invoices, payments, and adjustments of the customer and billing cycle selected. Added Admin/Manager new column for Lab Status called "Estimated Cycle". These are invoices that are not shipped and scheduled up until the end of the current month plus anything shipped so far this billing cycle. When you click this line it will show all unshipped scheduled up until the end of the month. Enhanced the balance report to show adjustments, payments, early pay discount, interest, invoice, and statement discount to give a complete picture. Added feature to Mailing Labels report to use the primary contact field rather than the name on labels. Added feature to view invoices and quick invoice much like memos to be able to attach links to off-site images or documents.

Various compatibility/rendering fixes for IE8 RC1 along with improvements in rendering for FireFox, Safari, and Chrome.

Created new page, Reports->Lists->Mailing labels, for the lab to print mailing labels for the customers on file. All margin values are approximate to hundreths of an inch. Typical label #5160 with 3 columns and 10 rows would have settings similar to paper=20,45,0,20 label=0,0, depending on your printer.

Created new page, Reports->Lists->Item images, to display the configured images and descriptions for items.

Expanded customer statement discounts in Admin->Basic Config->Customers to have up to 5 tiered discounts. This allows you to give things like 1% discount when they have done a minimum of $10000 worth of work and 2% discount if they do $15000 worth of work. Added new section configuration section called Tax Zones. Modified customer edit to remove old style tax rates and replaced with selecting a tax zone. Tax Zones help to greatly simplify updating taxes by giving you one spot to adjust tax rates rather than having to edit each customer individually. We've attempted to combine your existing information in based on city/state and current tax information. We may be able to simplify your tax zones, please contact us with specific instructions. In Admin->Billing cycles, when "Undo billing cycle" button is clicked, page now redirects to Reports->Billing->Statements. In the Set Prices item pricelist grid, if there is a non-zero Cost set for an item, the Cost is now included parentheses next to the name of the item. To navigate to the grid, Admin->Basic Config->Price List, then click "Set Prices" button, then click on a tree node to open it. There is now a new report for profit by groups, Reports->Billing->Profit by Groups. In Reports->Billing->Due, the Due letters to be printed are now selectable for individual customers in the list. In general operation, when reports are generated with no results, a more user friendly "No Results" PDF file is generated.

Fixed issue with combo box arrow key double movement. Added station to breakdown report. Added Went to Station report under Activity.

Added option to show zero balances on aging report. Corrected footer total locations on balance report. Added units to the breakdown report. Added cost to the breakdown report(if Admin). Added option to force sort by scheduled date to breakdown report. Added "Next Week" option to reports and options. Added user name filter on logging report. Under company config, added option to replace Full Upper or Full Lower terms on invoice printouts with your own text(like Upper Arch or Lower Arch). Added TASK_METAL_FEE2. Fixed Pending invoice problem where it was showing from all customers rather than the currently logged in customer.

Revised caching scheme for better performance when creating invoices and lower memory usage along with minor visual tweaks for time clock. Added greying of buttons on save to prevent double-clicks.

Corrected issue with created dates on invoices not being able to be in a previous billing cycle. Corrected issue with editing a user that is assigned to a customer or territory and the selection being incorrect. Added extra ajax to user create/edit to make roles less confusing. Added low-level data caching for commonly returned values to reduce load on our sql server and give better responsiviness to everyone. Unforunately it can't cache between servers, so if you log onto one server, set options, leave that window open, then go over to a different machine, open a new window, go to your options(which will now be the same as the other window), make changes, then go back to the old one within a 15 minute window, your old options are still there. We don't expect this scenario to occur very often and we've made sure it can not affect any critical operations. Found potential memory leak with Time Clock under utilities menu having to do with a Microsoft bug, new version should minimize or completely remove it.

Added Invoice Templates feature for adding items to an invoice. Works like the code entry for invoice items, except that templates are specific to each user. A template configuration section has been added under Invoices->Templates-> and a template selection list has been added to the Invoices->CreateInvoices-> in the Items section that is visible to customers. Only priced template items may be added to an invoice. Added a different Pending Invoice page that displays only pending invoices, that may be reached by Invoices->PendingInvoices-> or by clicking on the red blinking pending invoice link (located on the right sidebar depending on the page layout selected). Added Purchase Order report options to Reports->Statistics-> for P.O.Items and P.O.Vendors. Updated timeclock and breakclock editors with datetime range checking and verbose error messages. Updated to allow ViewOnlyCustomers to see payment box on home page, and fixed autoselect of Customer when editing usernames. Made adjustments to Items text color for Red theme, and changed top/middle/bottom labels on View Invoices and Quick Change. Modified error handling when a user makes changes to global system date/time format.

Payments and Adjustment print list now prints totals for Office roles. Changed Weight to now use 4 digits past the decimal place. Added UnShipped(Scheduled) and UnShipped(Due) options to date ranges on profit report. Changed opening balance report to also display negative balances. Added Reports->Statistics->Work report which shows your last years worth of sales volume, number of invoices, average invoice amount, number of units, average units, and number of customers that where shipped to in those months, payments, average payments, adjustments, average adjustments. Also contains a futures column for all unshipped invoices. Added deleted column to balance report. When closing a billing cycle, the checkbox list of whom to attempt to assign interest to has now been shrunk dramatically by only showing those customers who had opening balances when the month started(the only customers who could potentially have interest). If it doesn't find any, it loads up the whole list to be on the safe side. This should make closing the billing cycle faster as it won't have to load up your entire list of customers for applying interest. New section under Utilities called Purchase Orders that allows you to handle payables ordering.

Enhanced legend on scheduling calendar to make it visible in all color themes. We think we've worked out the focus issue for all browsers with the create invoice page.

Fixed issue with invoice types not having sort order filled in by default. Fixed issue with scheduling calendar and new scheduling units. Added legend of colors to the scheduling calendar. Added "with current shipped" due to the create payment section to match with the create new payment from the payment list.

Fixed issue with shade sort order not being filled in when creating new. Added ability to print multi-lined item customer notes. Added Scheduled Units Min/Target/Excess to compliment Scheduled Inv# Min/Target/Excess. The scheduling calendar will now show if you go over the values for inv# or units whichever would produce the worst color. Example: if you set your inv# excess for 5 and your units for 7. If you have 3 invoices scheduled for a day each one having 3 units, it would turn the day red as you went over your scheduled units excess even though you have not gone over your inv# excess. Added Bill To name on the customer list report. Added ability to charge credit card with including shipped invoices from the current billing cycle. Scheduled name report now allows you to click on a patient name to view the invoice.

Added Customer Groups report under Statistics for Admin/Managers that gives a breakdown of sales in each group for each customer. Added print format feature that would allow creation of a custom print format that ignores the "Limited" feature of the limited roles. This means that its possible to build a custom print format that prints an invoice with prices for a user that's a limited customer. Moved credit cards outside of the regular customer edit screen. Click the "Card" button from the customer list to edit the credit card numbers. The new Office account does _not_ load up the full old credit card numbers and so you can only add or replace an existing card.

Added sortorder functionality to the auto-added charge configuration section of edit customer. Fixed issue with level one groups not using sort order. Added option to view the credit card expiration month and year to Customer List report if logged in as an Admin.

Added new "Office" role. This is designed for your front office people _at the lab_ that has less capabilities than a manager but more capabilities than the standard Lab account. This is designed around the people who field calls about statements, payments, do invoice data entry, and need to maintain the customer list. Fixed View Invoice options when a customer is set to be billed to someone else that it was forcing the bill to to be the current ship to and not allowing any invoices to be shown. Fixed javascript issue with drop down lists on deeply nested ajax controls that showed up on newer versions of Opera. Moved credit card payment option to the top of the home page rather than at the bottom. Added Settings->Edit Information option for Customer's editing their information.

Upgraded to new help engine. The old help system was static and required a full refresh of the website when updated. This caused a lot of problems as it because out of date very quickly. The new help system should allow for much faster finding of help information and can be updated as questions come up and be instantly applied to all customers. The text box right above the tree of help allows you to filter based on keywords. So if you type in payment and press enter, it will show you only the topics that contain info on payments. Fixed issue with default payment print format for large dollar volumes. Added license/registration number to registration page for dentist's license or labs FDA registration number. ItemQtyType has been moved right below name on the item config screen as it is a frequently missed configuration option and hopefully by putting it higher on the list it will be more noticed.

Changed invoice auto-added charges to include auto-charges from both the ship to and bill to customers. Added PriceListName to the Customer list report for admins. Added new Report->Lists->Items to allow you to check your low-level config of your items for Admins and Managers. Added new "Sort Order" area to Groups/Items/Shades/InvoiceTypes. The idea is that everything that has the same number is ordered by name. The default number is 100. So if you have three items, A, B, and C, all with sort order 100, they will appear as A,B,C. If you change C to have Sort Order of 90, it would appear as C,A,B. If you change B to have a sort order of 90, it would appear B,C,A. If you change B to be 95, it would appear C,B,A.

Added configuration item to allow selection between "Process Credit Card for Statement Balance" or "Process Credit Card for Invoice". Added print option for price lists to allow printing Item Description instead of Item Name. If no description exists, the name will be printed. Added Invoice# and Customer# to memos grid displays. Moved Qty Type nearer the top of the list on the Edit Items property box for clarity. Changed Date Entered field to reflect the current date when copying an invoice.

Changed credit card payment screens to display total due post early pay discount if before early pay discount day.

Changed handling of created date on invoices to default to current date if there is a date entry issue to prevent data corruption. Added new Scheduled Name Calendar report under Reports->Activity for giving a graphical representation of the patients that are scheduled on what days. Will probably not be practical for labs but very useful for customers.

Added last/first name, street1,street2,city,state,zip to the registration screen. Added "ship" and "ship and print" to view invoice screen. Added Quick Adjustment to the bottom of statements for Admin/Manager/Accountant to quickly adjust a customers statement. Added "UnShipped" option to the list of date ranges on the Profit report. Let us know if there are any other reports that you'd like to see this added to. Migrated over to the ASP.NET v3.5(hence the delays in updates). It should have some performance improvements and allow us to grow easier.

Fixed issue with creating an invoice under a limited user account where the focus was set incorrectly on some browsers. Improved drop down list functionality for non-IE browsers. Fixed create payment/adjustment/customer to no longer require fields to be filled in before using shortcut menu. Moved payment type on creating/editing invoices from hidden in the reference number section up to the main info section. Added under Company config the ability to hide payment type. Changed invoice quick codes to auto-fill in 1 if the item type is decimal or number and fixed issue with not showing prices until you edit one of the items.

Added instructions on download page for getting text-to-speech microsoft components for non-Vista time clock machines. Fixed issue with billing charts monthly sales showing labels on y axis column that jumble together making it illegible past a certain dollar amount. Added whitespace filter to reduce the number of bytes transmitted to give a small speed increase to low bandwidth customers(26K less on create invoice page for example). Last upload on 2/29 apparently didn't copy over the hide on invoice fix. Fixed issue with code on invoice where if you leave an old code in it didn't let you type in a new code until you tried using a different code. Code now clears as its applied. Changed how view invoice, edit invoice, and print invoice to sort items on an invoice by name. This will allow you to use prefixes in front of the name to force a particular sort order. As you add items to an invoice, it will be in the order you've added them, but once you save, it reorders them by name.

Fixed issue with "Hide on invoice" customer switch hiding on reports as well. Added Break clock reporting. Fixed issue with bill to groups and the new item quick codes.

Changed Top/Middle/Bottom shades to be Incisal/Body/Cervical. Added new Reports->Time Clock->TimeClock barcode and Break barcode functions. This allows you to print barcodes for clocking in/out for time clock and break clock. Created a new piece of software that is an actual program that connects to the website for recording time clock. Its designed to run unattended full screen on a computer where employees use a barcode scanner to record in/outs/breaks. Admin/Managers can see a description under Admin->Downloads. The cost is $49 and you can contact Sales at 800-665-0091 for further information/purchasing. Added Year to the standard report options. Added Quick Customer function on user page. On Admin->Basic Config->Items added a Code field. Added Code on Create/Edit invoice. This item code allows you to assign a "quick add" code to items where rather than going through the tree of items, you can type in your code and press enter. You can group items together, where if you want two different items to be added at the same time, just give them the same code. If you've got an item that should be added when multiple codes are typed in, just seperate them with a comma. For instance, you have widgetA, you give it code 1 and you have widgetB and you give it code 2, and you have ground shipping that you want to be added if you typed 1 or typed 2. The code for ground shipping should be "1,2". You then type code 1, it adds both widgetA and ground shipping to your invoice and you then edit widgetA typing in your quantity.

Added report options to the Unshipped Breakdown report. Seperated old Admin->Settings->Company into "Company Address" and "Company" to reduce down the cluter. Added Split Shades option to company config to allow you to seperate shades into top, middle, and bottom.

Added ability to print pending invoices. Added print option under admin printing config for which print format to use for pending invoices. Added ability to hide times on invoices in company configuration. Added ability in company config to also set the default days out for your scheduled date on creating new invoices.

Added BillTo column to the customer list and a Quick BillTo feature at the top to filter based on bill to. Added ability to hide items and groups on the printed price list. Added ability to print price list by name rather than customer. Fixed issue where functions called by quick invoice and view invoices weren't returning to the previous pages. Added Admin->Advanced Config->Critique section to create types of comments. Added Critique section when viewing an invoice for juding an invoice. Added ability to go to the Critique and Memo section using Quick Invoice. Added admin ability to edit and delete memos/critiques in the new Quick sections. Added new Quick Change function to Quick Invoice that allows you to make changes to the non-important features of an invoice like notes, items received, reference numbers, patient name, tray, etc without adjusting any billing information. Added new Advanced->Settings->Company option to select the "Main Admin" user for your company. If you select a main admin, a new option will appear on the Login page for "Register" that will allow prospective users to fill out a registration application that will be sent as A message to the "Main Admin" you select. If you'd like to add a register link on one of your pages, add Register to the html.

Added new company configuration options for Scheduled Inv# Min, Target, and Excess. This allows you to set the number of invoices you'd like to see scheduled on a given day. If you set the Scheduled Inv# Min to a non-zero number, and a day on the scheduling calendar has that many invoices or greater scheduled for it, it will surround the day in a yellow color. If you set the Scheduled Inv# Target to a non-zero number, and a day on the scheduling calendar has that many invoices or greater scheduled for it, it will surround the day in a green color. If you set the Scheduled Inv# Exceeded to a non-zero number, and a day on the scheduling calendar has that many invoices or greater scheduled for it, it will surround the day in a red color. The idea behind this is you can graphically see how busy your days are going to be to judge good days for vacations or when you can schedule new work.

Added new Reports->Activity->UnShipped Breakdown report to give item details on each unshipped invoice. Added a field on create invoice that displays the bill to when you select a customer that is billed to another customer. Added ability to print in landscape with TPFs.

Fixed issue when customer processing their own credit card that it would give an error under certain conditions(it was processing the card and payment fine but wasn't storing the log entry correctly). Added "View Invs", "View Pays", and "View Adjs" buttons to the Admin->Basic Settings->Customers screen. This allows you to quickly go to just the list of invoices, payments, or adjustments for a particular customer.

Fixed issue created on 1/4 with the tooth charts along with the other issue with not showing pending invoices. Added new feature to View Invoices that adds threee new options under the Advanced button. "Bill To" and "Memos" for view options and "Customer Bill To" for search options. This allows you to show in your invoice list who an invoice is billed to. It also allows you to filter the list based on bill to. The new Memo view option allows you to see quickly how many memos where made to an invoice. Made minor performance improvements in the invoice list section to not query the database for items that aren't being viewed or filtered upon. Changed View Invoice screen where it will expand the Memo section if there are any existing memos.

Changed credit card processing to no longer store the CVV number to comply with stricter security standards. Added new section to viewing invoices called Memos that allow you to record different types of notes about that invoice. Customer users can also leave memos but can only see memos that they created, they can't see lab or admin created memos. Memos can be added to both unshipped and shipped invoices. This gives a great way of keeping a detailed log of events or issues that may have happened with a particular case. Added Memos report under Reports->Activity so that you can get a good overview of particular types of Memos. For instance, you could see all the problem memos you had in a particular billing cycle. Fixed PDF engine to give a blank page that says "no results" if a particular print operation doesn't end up having anything(like printing statements with the "all who are owed" 99% of the time). Added TPF commands to print bill to customer on work ticket/invoice printouts. Added memos to customers. Changed Marathon processing to trim address to 19 characters rather than 20 characters(*sigh*). Added Open QuickPrint option on the Lab Status section of the main page that will pull open a new window that has options to print unprinted unshipped, print unprinted shipped, print a specific invoice number, or print a unshipped invoices with a specific tray.

Added Entered date to edit/create invoice. Added ability to change visiblility of the date fields on created/edit invoice by going to Admin->Settings->Company.

Fixed sorting of customers under the Bill to line of edit customer. Fixed item sorting under edit customer. Started saving the notes you enter in under customer along with each invoice for future archiving purposes. Please note this will cause in-progress cases to not have customer preference notes. New TPF command to print current notes of DOCTOR_CUR_NOTE since DOCTOR_NOTE now points to the new table. Fixed printing of invoice list to use screen display options/order. Added new customer option under Extra Options to hide the customer from the list of available customers in the create/edit invoice screen. Added quick invoice lookup feature onto Lab Status. Shows 500 of whatever patient name you type in. Added Yearly Customer Sales to the Billing Charts report.

Added additional credit card data entry length checking/trimming for Marathon including tax changes(instructed by them for level II/III processing). Added new user role of "Lab Recorder" to give a login to just do station, lab log, and time clock recording.

Fixed issue where View Only customers where not able to access billing and list reports like a regular customer(View Only was confused with Limited). Added ability to edit credit card types under Admin->Advanced->Credit Cards. For proper verification code, please only use "Visa", "Mastercard", "American Express", "Diners Club", "Discover", or "JCB" as text. Added "change enter date" to quick invoice to be able to change the created date on an invoice.

Added support for Marathon Processing. This will allow you and your customers to process credit cards online. If you already have a Marathon account, go to Admin->Settings->Company and enter in your username/password. When editing a customer you may now enter in their credit card data. Customer log ins from the main page will show a pay with credit card option if the customer has a balance. Admins can go to Payments(or Close Billing Cycle) and a new section will appear allowing them to pay customers statements with credit card.

Under Admin->Basic Config->Price List->Set Prices added the ability to select a particular customer so you are editing just the price list they are associated with. Added the customer id onto the edit customer screen to better identify which customer your currently editing.

Fixed status display pending payments to filter out deleted adjustments/payments.

Added customer minimum balance for early pay discount. Added Statement Discount and Statement Discount mimimum balance. This allows you to apply a discount based on the current months work automatically at the end of the statement. Added Early Pay Discount and Statement Discount report under the billing reports to help you better track this information.

Fixed selecting specific customers on opening balance report. Added new Reports->Statistics->Groups report that gives an overview of the Items report. Rearranged the Admin menu to have a Basic Config and Advanced Config section to help reduce clutter. Please note this may change your shortcuts if you had any pointing to these sections. Under Admin->Settings->Company you can now select your Time Format(default MM/dd/yyyy). This should help the globalization support in WinVoice(for countries that represent time like dd/MM/yyyy or people who prefer yyyy/MM/dd). Even has options for dashes rather than slashes. Please let us know if you find a section that hasn't been properly updated.

Added station history on the View Invoice screen so you can see when different events happened to an invoice. Added "Shipped Cycle"(total of shipped invoices so far this current billing cycle) and "Pending Payments"(sum of opening balances, minus payments, plus adjustments) to the lab status box for admins and managers so you can see your current sales so far and what payments your expecting to come in. What you would expect to see is the Shipped Cycle to be 0 right after ending a billing cycle and Pending Payments to be large at the begining of a cycle, then by the end of the month, it should be the reverse. Removed dollar sign from status box because of the update of non US customers. Eventually will put configuration in to allow selection of money symbols.

Fixed copying job note field. Fixed reversed Customer List report deleted/inactive options. Added Invoice Type report option to Profit, Item, Tax, PaymentTypes, Shades, Customer Productivity, Daily, and Station Times reports.

Fixed issue with imported jobs(from Junior/Pro/Net) and their teeth numbers that didn't allow editing of the invoice after the tooth numbering change a few weeks ago.

Fixed issue with the auto-added customer charges created by the 7/27 update(two treeviews on the customers edit page).

Added due and scheduled times to invoices. Added default due and scheduled times to company config. Added copy invoice function when editing/creating invoices. Added item notes under customers. Removed print and export options from customer lists when logged on as a limited user.

Added new Contact configuration section under Admin for creating generic contact names for customers. Added these to Customer configuration. Completely redid the Customer List report to be able to select which fields your wanting to view.

Added Reports->Statistics->Production report to be able to see how customers values change over time. Added Units to the Items statistic report. Lightened up the background printing on reports so they use less toner/ink. Added Inactive button to customer list to be able to set customers inactive rather than deleting them. Everywhere else in the software where you select customer now allows you to hide/show inactive customers. Inactive customers are hidden from creating invoices/adjustments/payments.

Fixed issue with canadian tooth numbering. Improved rendering of the tooth arches so highlighted color is bolder.

Rearranged option boxes on non-4 section themes to better highlight new features so there's not as much scrolling going on. Added logging of message activity.

Fixed issue with showing some zero owed customers on aging report. Greatly sped up aging and due reports by doing some pre-filtering. Added messaging feature to be able to send messages between users. Customers, Limited Customers, and Territories can only send to Admins, Managers, Labs, and Limited Labs. Added ability to overridde total costs through the quick invoice override function. Added shortcut feature so you can quickly jump to your most commonly used areas.

Corrected Time Clock/Break Clock editors to use the configured time zones.

New revision of toolkit. Fixed security settings so Lab and Limited Lab can access the Utilties menu.

Added recording of break times to the Utilties->Time Clock function.

Fixed problem with selecting specific customer under the new generic report options control.

Fixed problem with new teeth sort method and arch item types.

Added Time Clock and Break Clock editor to the Admin menu.

Set Allow price to be overridden as default. Corrected sort method when displaying tooth numbers. When creating/editing payments, will now show total due from last billing cycle to help catch mistyped payment dollar amounts. Changed Print List buttons on Adjustments/Invoices/Payments to print using the same sort as the displayed list. Added Territory to the Monthly/Yearly sales billing charts.

Added last 30/60 to the invoice view options.

Added user agreement and privacy policy. Admins are required to confirm that they agree to the conditions before using main functions in the software. Fixed reload edit bug introduced from new toolkit. Updated graphing library(much faster now). Fixed maximum length on statement message.

Added Admin->Settings->Backup. Admins may now save a backup locally for their peace of mind. There is no method of remote restore, but if the backup gets sent back to support, they can restore the backup for you. DO NOT have multiple admins attempting to back up at the same time. If you do, you may cause your database to slow or seize, requiring you to contact tech support to renable your database.

Added ID columns to Adjustment/Payment pages to help track down entries in the log. Fixed 3 digit rounding error on early pay discount specific cases.

Added the new Map button to the Customers page to be able to plot out all your customers. Also allows you to select a particular territory. Warning, first time you go to the map, it'll be _very_ slow. Right now, it doesn't have a lot of practical features besides looking nifty, but we'll continue to research improvements. Added a custom report for a customer which has its new option under the lab status window at the bottom.

Upgraded to the new PDF engine. Upgraded to new toolkit. Also upgraded the chartting engine for billing charts. Added option memorization to billing charts. Changed adjustment/payment/customer productivity/daily/cycle/tax/billing summary/profit/statement/invoicetype/items/paymenttypes/shade/stationtimes/inout details/inout summary/time clock summary report to use new format and have option memorization. Added Days Off option under the Admin menu so that you can set days of week/holidays to grey out on the scheduling calendar. Fixed memorization of search options on adjustment/payments for specific customer/territories. On options/search pages, added new filter categories of Today/Yesterday/Tomorrow/This Week/Last Week to date filters.

Added text filter to logging activity report to help track down issues. Fixed bug with quickbooks export on taxable adjustments. QB Export now remembers your last settings for the export fields.

Added logging on bad login attempts so that you can see what ip addresses may be attempting to hack into your site. Use sites like to try and track down who is trying and to send abuse reports to them to force the person to stop.

Added territory to customer list report. Added territory chart to billing charts. Fixed invoice/adjustment/payment pages where search territories work on territories saved on those items rather than current customer territories.

Fixed invoice search button on customers after resetting default search options.

Fixed status display not to show pending invoices. Corrected print list button on multiple post backs.

Status display is now live! You can click on any of the lines and it will set your invoice view options to match what you've clicked on to help you quicky keep up with your work. Fixed problem with going between pages and very specific options in the search page. Fix print specific customers on statements to work much faster.

Changed status display to not include invoices that are due on the current day as missed. Suggestion that was sent where not able to duplicate, please call customer support to further explain issue(invoices shipped on 14th, should not appear when date filter set for 13th)

Gave Managers the ability to override prices and change ship dates through quick invoice.

Added Daily Sales and Daily Units to the billing charts report. Fixed backspace key usage on creating an invoice(IE annoying backspace "feature"). Added totals when printing from the scheduled day report for non-limited users. Decreased the font size on reports to help fitting more things on a page at a time. Renamed "set defaults" to "reset defaults" to help clarify functionality.

Fixed problem with being able to unship an invoice from a previous billing cycle by completely taking out the ability to unship an invoice from the invoice list page. You must now view an invoice and use the unship button from that screen. We've had too many cases of people accidentally unshipping invoices. Fixed quick invoice override and ship feature to properly record shipped station. Fixed displaying status at the bottom of the quick invoice screen. Fixed showing of totals when using advanced options on limited lab users accounts from yesterdays enhancements. Fixed minimum height issue on datagrids that had fewer than 10 items. Fixed defaults button on search page setting the territory option to specific rather than all. Added Billing Charts report under Billing that allows you to see pretty charts for your business and print them. We'll eventually expand this section to include more report information, send in suggestions as to content.

Added station filtering to the invoice list options. Added Last Station to the invoice list. Rearranged invoice list to make more logical sense. Renamed Options button on invoice/adjustment/payment list to Search. Added Advanced button to invoice list that allows you to control what fields you see on the invoice list as well as which search fields you see to greatly improve useability. Added maximum number of invoices to view on the invoice options page. Its going to be confusing for the first time you go to it as its different than what you've been used to for the last few months, but you'll quickly find that less is better(and more is just a click away). If you'd like to return back to showing everything, just go to options and turn all the checkboxes on. Fixed issue with using Shipped and Unshipped status with shipped billing cycle selection. Fixed record station to always return back to waiting on another scan. Fixed quick invoice to also return back to the proper location for scanning. Added totals to the bottom of the adjustment and payment pages. Added print list button to the adjustment and payment pages.

Added totals to the bottom of invoice print list for admin/manager. Fixed schedulding calendar for customer logins. Added open scheduling calendar under the quick calendar on the main screen. Added dollar value options to scheduling calendar.

Added invoice number to Day report. Fixed color on the XP Blue theme to be visible with the background. Added Print List button to invoice list. Started logging when invoices are (re)printed. Added Payment Type config under admin. Added default payment type to customers. Added payment type to invoices. Added invoice/payment type filters to the invoice list. Fixed problem where if you tried to create a new shade while creating/editing an invoice and that shade already existed, it would freeze. Added print unprinted workticket/shipped invoice buttons to calendar screen.

Removed create invoice from territories logins. Added edit button on view invoice screen. Fixed territory login invoice list. Added totals at the bottom of the invoice list for Admin/Managers. Added units column to the daily and cycle activity reports also added totals on the view screen.

Added "Save and Ship" buttons to the bottom of create/edit invoice screen. Added displaying cases scheduled to ship on the current day to indicate in green on the invoice list. Changed wording on warnings for ship/delete to make sure people don't click the wrong button. Added Balance report for accountants to give opening and ending balances for a billing cycle. Added new Territory user role for being able to create logins for sales people to check on the status of their territories. Also added the appropriate filter by territory columns to areas that needed it. Added code to treat the enter key like the tab key on all pages.

Moved Lab Log and Time Clock under new Utilities menu. Moved Change Password functionality into Login section. This greatly reduces your minimum screen size if your using the top menu themes. Fixed issue where putting blank spaces in for item image urls could cause invoice to not properly add an item. Added "reset all options" button under login, so if you get lost as to what options you've selected on invoices/payments/adjustments, you can hit this button to go back to default options everywhere. Also added Default button to each view options page to reset just those options. Added basic units definitions, you can configure each item to have a value that it multiples by qty to obtain units. For instance, if you put in 1 for units, and the item is fee per tooth, then it would be 1 unit per tooth. If your item is a qty type of fee per arch and you put 1 in for units, both upper and lower arches selected would count as 2 units. You can get fancy if you really-really wanted to and put 0.03125 in on a qty per tooth item and it would only have one unit if all 32 teeth where selected. Currently, units are only displayed on the new calendar pop-up box that's selectable at the top of create/edit invoice.

Fully AJAX enabled View Invoices, View Payments, View Adjustments. Redesigned options button under View Invoice, View Payments, View Adjustments to use drop down boxes rather than radio buttons to help condense the page and make it easier to add new functionality later. Options on these pages are now saved per user realtime. Which means you can set your invoice list to view patient Smith, exit out of your browser, go to a totally different computer and log in as the same user and when you go to the invoice list, it will show you the exact same list as when you last left it. We plan on extending this functionality to report options soon. Added new item qty type so that you can select teeth but type in a quantity. Enhanced create invoice screen for speed ups. New control toolkit. Last update for the day, we swear. :)

Added Adjustment and Payment reports under Activity. Fixed headers disappearing when drilling down into forms. Added buttons at the top of invoice options for continue/abort to match the bottom buttons. Added "Last 90 Days" to invoice view options to simplify lookup. Added subtitles to a lot of different reports so that you can see the options you used for that report. Added Quick Name to user list.

Added new option under Admin->Settings->Select Theme to allow changing the layout of the page from having the menu on the left hand side to be top mounted.

Fixed time zone for Time Clock In/Out Details report. Added Customer Note to Customer configuration. Fixed time clock screen to align at top of page. Fixed issue with selecting "all dates" including inprogress information. Added Time Clock InOut Summary report. Added ID to the customer list screen to help uniquely identify customers. Added print format commands to be able to print this id. Added web service commands for eventually local time clock seperate program.

Added changing of weight field during override. Added "Override and Ship" to Quick Invoice options. Switched to final MS AJAX v1.0(released yesterday) and latest toolkit. Added employee configuration. Added Time Clock. Added Time Clock In/Out Details and Summary reports. Added time zone and allow online time clock recording to Edit Company. We're currently in the process of creating a program you can download and place on a work computer for cleaner recording of time clock information and working on additional reports, but this release will allow you to start getting your employees configured.

Fixed underline/strikethru pdf printing. Updated basic cut sheet invoice to print proper notes.

Fixed calendar selection on saving subsequent adjustments/payments. Added several tpf commands for a particular custom TPF. Enhanced tooth arch printing for faster results. Added warning to logo upload when image is bigger than the recommended 50K limit. Added "Missed Due" to the Lab Status on the left hand of the screen so you can see if you have invoices that missed their due dates and should be a priority. On Invoice list, now highlights due and scheduled dates of unshipped invoices that are previous to todays date.

Added Early Pay Discount configuration to customers. You can set the day of the month and a percentage to give to reward customers for paying early. The discount is based on their 30 day balance, not the total balance due. Updated toolkit. Changed html editor control for editing pages to properly work with FireFox/Safari.

Improved Edit Pages section under admin to give 600x600 canvas to work from in both normal and html edit modes. Added ShipTo column to statements for customers that have billing groups to see which cases belong to which ship tos. Copied TwoWindow and NoLogo statements with ShipTo at end for printing the new fields.

Installed patch for RC1 of AJAX library to restore speed of pre-RC1. Changed morning theme to give proper background highlighting on selected items. Fixed WinVoice Online Statement report to properly refresh when the billing cycle was changed. Added totals to the bottom of the day report(clicking the scheduling calendar on the lower left hand corner of the main screen). Added ability to change ship date of current billing cycles invoices. Added ability to print full address information on contact list report. Added export as csv to customer list report for admins to use for mail merge.

Microsoft released the RC1 of the AJAX library last night, updated all files to reflect the changes along with another new toolkit. There should be quite a few speed optimizations in place now and better FireFox/Safari compatibility.

New toolkit, changed Aging report to be sorted alphabetically. Fixed prepaid billing issues. Added statistics on the main page for Admin/Manager/Lab/Limited Lab.

New toolkit and acrobat module.

New toolkit improved FireFox rendering speeds. Added "Item is discountable" configuration section to Items. By default its turned on. Use this to make sure particular items have zero discount(most will use these settings for metals and shipping). Fixed multi-user bug where if two people where logged in under the same username and where connected to the same server(we have two) at the same time and both where creating invoices, items could migrate between the two sessions. As unlikely as this event seems(each person who uses WinVoice Online should have their own username), it happened.

Added button when admins and managers are creating invoices to be able to create new shades on the fly.

Updated to Beta 2 of AJAX library. Increased size of html editors for pages. Removed ability to delete a shipped invoice that had been reopened when switching to new grids.

More changes to try and accomidate Safari browser. Added new option on adjustments to append tax to the amount typed in so you can do adjustments either way(old method is the most common, you have an invoice total, you want to back out taxes from that total. New method is designed, for instance, you want to just adjust one item off an invoice). Changed invoice types to not allow discounts greater than 100%. View invoice now displays which invoice number your viewing. Added Check/UnCheck All buttons for applying interest under End Billing Cycle. Fixed caching issue on Add Lab Log. Set Override discounts to not allow over 100%.

Fix for Mac Safari browser, should allow it to function now with full uplevel capabilities.

Upgraded to new toolkit. Changed PriceList to use new grid. Fixed creating invoice when the first selected doctor has auto-added charges. It wasn't totaling until you added another item besides the auto-added.

Added contact name to customer list report. Added Items Received configuration and added to Create/Edit/View invoice. Changed Logout option to indicate which username your logging out of for those who frequently change users.

Massive changes. The AJAX library Beta 1 was released yesterday which caused a change in just about every page. Everything should move an order of magnitude faster. Please report any problems immediately as every single part of the software may have odd behaviors as its a new low-level system. The Quick Names feature had to be temporarily changed where you must press enter for it to filter the list, we'll be researching into how to return it to the pre-Beta 1 stage where its live-typing, but it works properly under FireFox/Safari now. Stability takes precidence over gee-whiz functionality(for the moment. :) ). Other side effects of the new library is Mac Safari browser support, no more IE6 freezing when clicking "off" a link on a calendar, major decrease in code complexity(easier to fix any potential problems). Changed user page to use new grid.

IE7 final released last night!. Fixed problem with editing items on invoices related to new release. They've made a lot of improvements, we highly recommend picking up IE7 as soon as possible if your using IE6. Changed lab log categories to new grid style.

Found problem with saving second invoice with the new FireFox code, changed to not error out after first save. Changed InvoiceTypes, RefNums, Shades, Stations, and Territories to the new grid style. Changed Adjustments/Payments to use the new grid style. Got rid of timer on the pending invoice list on the right hand side, it was causing timeouts for different customers forcing them to log in randomly, maybe next CTP of ajax will fix issue.

Added UnShipped#/UnShipped and bottom totals onto Customer Productivity report. Changed out grid for invoices and customers to give better checkbox display, better display of sorted columns. Added experimental QuickFind feature to Invoices/Customers to quickly find based on name, try typing in some characters of the name and see how the grid instantly changes to your typing!

Firefox 2.0 RC2 greyed save button fix. Added Customer Productivity report under Activity to give a customer by customer summary of activity in a time period.

Fixed problem with typing in close billing cycle date. Updated toolkit. Added ImageUrl to items and hover over images to invoice items along with side image on adding items.

Fixed greying of save/abort buttons on invoice page with FireFox 2.0. Changed help to show all possible categories regarless of account type.

Copied buttons from top of invoice screen to bottom so functions are easier to perform on long lists. Fixed default invoice type on customers that are auto-selected on new invoice. Cleared contents of invoice reference numbers when set to copy from customer but customer does not have value configured. Added totals to the printout of the daily report.

Changed end billing cycle to not allow setting dates to future or previous to start of billing cycle.

Fixed save button greying out on tooth chart selection by numbers rather than chart. Added default Invoice Type to customer edit, moved several options into Extra Options group to help the readability of the screen. Rearranged fields on create/edit invoice to make data entry faster. Updated toolkit. Updated PDF engine. Fixed sales tax report sales total arrangement. Added Reference Numbers to Invoices. Changed Ref Num config to include type and if is customer viewable.

Fixed Billing Summary Report display of non-taxable subtotal in the taxable column when items where taxable but account was not. Updated to latest toolkit. Fixed Tax Report for when taxes aren't seperated.

Yesterdays disabling of the save button on invoices created a bad side-effect of not updating the whole page when you actually did click the save button(leaving the impression that the invoice wasn't saved and not clearing invoice fields). Instead of disabling the save button, we're putting bold text right below the buttons to help indicate that your not finished with items until we can work out a better solution. Edit: Figured out solution, left in the label to help explain why save button is greyed out.

Changed invoice create/edit to disable main save button while adding/editing items on an invoice. Added text filters to weight/qty data entry on items to prevent letters and other non-numbers from being typed in. Defaulted adjustments/payments to be current billing cycle to make it easier as time goes on to pull up what your looking for. Added territories to admin configuration and the ability to assign a customer to a territory. Each invoice/adjustment/payment stores the territory at time of creation allowing you to view old territory reports. Enhanced Billing Cycle/Daily/Profit/InvoiceTypes/Items/Shades Report to filter by territory.

Updated toolkit to prevent some random javascript errors after extended use.

Redesigned invoice section to have common view/edit/new components to simplify debugging and speed up use. Fixed view invoice options when selecting created date range. Added UnShipped report under Activity reports. Upgraded TPF engine. Added Admin->Settings->Printing option for how to view PDF's, either download file(as previous), inline(always show in browser), or let acrobat choose(settings in acrobat to integrate in browser or not). Changed some rendering in invoice section to speed first loading.

Fixed price list sorting on edit customer. Fixed customer sorting on edit adjustments/payments. Fixed detailed listing on Lab Log report to include multiple lines.

Fixed LabLog submission. Changed default sort method on Adjustments and Payments to be by date applied. Applied fridays teeth checkboxes code to the Invoice and Quick Invoice screens.

Fixed printing non-taxable subtotal. Added additonal TPF commands. Fixed underline TPF command. Added alternate method of selecting teeth by clicking checkboxes rather than image for quicker data entry. Added View Only Customer and View Only Limited Customer user roles. This allows you to set up customers without allowing them to create pending invoices. Added Lab Log for Lab users(Limited/Lab/Manager/Admin). This allows you to record events that happen in the lab in different categories and get a report of the related events. Some suggestions for categories may be "Changed Lab Policy", "Added Employee", "Lost Employee", "Added Equipment", "Lost Equipment", etc. Added Station Times statistic report to see how long it takes between a station and the next station. This is helpful if your wondering general values on how many days it takes before it reaches a station and it goes onto the next. Added "Went to Station" on day report so that you can view which jobs went through what stations on a given day.

Updated ajaxControlToolkit to newer version.

Removed bill to selection from creating/editing an invoice to speed data entry. Restricted deleting customers that where billed to another customer. Fixed copy price list feature on large quantities of price lists. Added totals to Profit/Aging/Due/Tax/Items/Shades report. Fixed filenames of Day reports. Fixed printing unprinted when there are no unprinted to print.

Changed default open groups under customer edit/create. Fixed QuickInvoice/Invoice List editing on items that had max quantities.

Fixed spelling of District on customer tax field. Fixed displaying of previous BillingCycles in "Undo end billing cycle". Added collaspible panels to customer page. Switched to July CTP of ajax.

Fixed sorting of customers on payments/adjustments.

Added condensed price list printing.

Improved price list printing. Fixed showing deleted groups on auto-added items of customers. Fixed max qty on invoice items. Fixed profit report not showing current days activities. If an item is set as a max qty of 1 and is set as "Qty is Number(x)", it won't ask for qty on invoices.

Fixed showing of deleted items in the tree on create/edit invoice. Added new Reference Number config and Reference Numbers to customers. These will allow you to configure any piece of outside information(such as a UPS number, tax id, etc) and store it in the customer record.

Fixed sorting of tree view items on create/edit invoice.

Enhanced help.

Fixed delays on loading page for create new invoice.

Added Limited Customer and Limited Lab roles for users. Limited Lab functions the same as a lab role, but can't view prices. Limited Customer works the same for customers that Limited Lab works for labs.

Fixed sorting problem in configure prices. Changed activity->logging report to include file times. Added auto-complete to all dropdown/comboboxes. Fixed spacing in all log file entries. Added feature under configure customer to set the "bill to" to be "Only this customer" to prevent users from selecting the wrong Bill To.

Fixed deleting main groups from Item config. Fixed showing previously deleted invoice types in the item configuration discount overrides.

Added "By Tray" to Quick Invoice. Override pricing no longer tries to edit invoices without items. Upgraded to June CTP of ajax that was released 6-29 for speed/stability improvements. Added Suggestions/Revision History page.

Special note for NET customers and IE7
IE7 has created new security features to help identify to customers that they are running a program that is not located on their computer. We're unsure as to why they didn't include a "Do not show me this message again" prompt like most of their other screens. This can create an annoyance for NET customers who start up WinVoice NET remotely every day. To fix this prompting, click Start->Control Panel->Internet Options Then go to the Security tab. Click Trusted Sites. Click the Sites button. Remove the checkbox for "Require server verification". Type in file://servername in for "Add this website to the zone"(for example, we have a server named fileserver2, our drive share is the W: drive mapped to \\fileserver2\winvoice, in our case, we type in file://fileserver2). Click Add. Then click Close. Click Custom Level, scroll down to Miscellaneous, and where it says "Launching applications and unsafe files", change from Prompt to Enable. Click OK, then OK again to save the settings. You will no longer be prompted for launching programs(such as WinVoice) off any shared drive on the listed server.

COD Increase 03-21-07
UPS has increased their COD charges, so we've had to increase our COD charge to $12.

WinVoice Online Released 08-01-06
Now accepting orders for WinVoice Online! Please note that there will be no further upgrades to our prior software lines(Junior, Pro, Net)

WinVoice Online Beta Testing 05-31-06
We've finally completed the alpha testing on our new software package. The first wave of beta testers started June '06 and look out soon for the official release date and pricing information.

Replacement CD Charge 03-08-05
As of 03-08-2005, there will be a $1 charge for replacement/subversion upgrade CD's. Due to some customers abusing the free replacement CD's we've been forced to charge to recover the cost of the CD, packaging, and shipping. Emailing replacement/subversion upgrades is still free.

HP PCS Printers 01-29-04
It is not recommended to attempt to use one of HP's PCS line all-in-one printers with WinVoice. So far, we have had two customers call to indicate that they are incompatible with WinVoice and one customer indicated that attempting to install the drivers under windows Me caused her computer to crash to the point of requring a reformat.

TPF Command Summary 10-10-03
Under the Online Manuals section, you may now view a complete list of all the TPF commands supported by Net 3.9.09.

Net v3.8 Beta Test 06-12-03
We're testing out an exciting new feature for our Net software. With the v3.8 release Net will have a new "MaxSize" option. WinVoice was designed with 640x480 mode to make sure that it is compatible with the oldest possible machine. But with the advant of Windows XP the minimum screen resolution is now 800x600. Rather than loose our compatibility with older computers by redesigning our screens to take advantage of this new minimum, we've simply given WinVoice the ability to size its fonts up to make reading all the screens in WinVoice as easy as possible. Click here to see an example of WinVoice without MaxSize on a computer running 1280x1024 resolution, then click here to see the new MaxSize option in place. Any current Net customer may receive this early beta by simply calling us at 800-665-0091.

COD Increase 01-13-03
Due to the increase of the COD charge by UPS, as of Jan 13, 2003, our COD charge will change from $8 to $9.

Windows v3.x Support 09-18-02
Please note that even though our software should work correctly on windows v3.x, we are unable to provide support for this operating system. We have not had a copy of windows 3.x on-site for many years now and most of our support technitions have long since forgotten how to use this older operating system. We appologize for any inconvience this may cause. For further details on Microsoft's policy on Windows v3.x, please visit this link

Brainwash Enhancement 09-05-02
If you are using the basic Junior software and have accumulated a large number of charges over the years, you can quickly trim your charge list with the new enhancement to Brainwash. By right clicking: here for basic Junior or Trial earlier than 9/5/02 or
here for Junior Plus I or
here for Junior Plus II or
here for Junior Plus III
and left clicking on "Save to Disk". Then specifying the C:\JUNIOR\BRAINWASH folder, your brainwash program will be enhanced by allowing you to hold down the ctrl key and left click on multiple items in Brainwash at once for deleting purposes.

WinVoice Net v3.7
The final version of WinVoice Net v3.7 was shipped on friday May 10, 2002 to all current Net multi-node customers. With the Net v3.7, we've also changed lowered the cost of upgrading from Pro to Net. With the costs of computers being at their all time lows, this will make the transition to Net that much easier.
The Net v3.7 revision contains these revisions to the Net v3.5.

Tractor(Dot Matrix) Paper
Over the years we've offered our blue preforated paper in both tractor feed(for dot matrix printers) and cut sheet(ink jet, bubble jet, laser printers) varieties. Due to the rock bottom prices of ink jet printers our demand for tractor feed paper has steadily dwindled over the years. We therefore have stopped reordering tractor feed paper and as of 4-22-2002, the last of our tractor feed invoice paper has been completely sold out and is no longer available. We still have several cases of tractor feed statement paper available, but we are unsure as to how long that will last. To help remove this paper from our inventory, we are offering the tractor feed statement paper at a discount of $80(plus shipping) for a 2,500 sheet case.

New FAQ Section
Due to requests from our customers, we've created a new section called Frequently Asked Questions. We're now having our tech support represenatives edit this file everytime they get a support call to address most questions that they are faced with. This gives a great way for you to see if someone else has already asked what your wanting to ask.

Pro 3.3 PDF Online
The manual for the Pro v3.3 is now available as a PDF download in the manuals section. Due to an oversight it was not posted online even though the 3.3 has been available for quite some time now.

Software Special Shipping
Starting June 25th 2001, a new shipping class has been created. Overnight software. This is for software only sales(Junior Install, Junior Upgrade, Plus I, Plus II, Plus III, Pro Install, Pro Upgrade, Net Install, Net Upgrade sales only). Only $8 dollars for next business day delivery! Note, this can not be combined with paper sales or COD sales(use regular shipping charts)

2nd Day/Overnight Price Increase
Due to a jump in prices of 2nd day and overnight shipments. Effective Jan 19th, 2001, 2nd day shipping rates will be Base 12, Add a box 9, Add a case 35. Overnight will be 23 base, 12 a box, 45 a case. We regret the price change, but we could only absorb the shipping loss we where experiencing on these types of shipments for so long. For note, this is the first time since Dec 99 that anything on the price scheme has changed.

Note from Tech Support
It has been brought to our attention that Pro/Net restoration/design/metals configuration dialog allows the user to type names exceeding the 30 character field length. Doing so causes the name to "disappear". Prevention is easy! Always truncate names that exceed 30 characters, to 30 characters or less. Sorry for the oversite, a permanant fix is in the works.

UPS Ground Ship Map
Need to determine the approximate U.P.S. Ground delivery times from Tulsa to your neck of the woods? Click here to find out.

A new imaging module is available for WinVoice users, it utilizes state of the art compression routines. These routines greatly reduce the need for free drive space. Click to download the new module. When prompted, save the new file under the name; C:\WINVOICE\WVIMAGE.EXE overwriting the older version. The first time the image button is clicked, your existing data files will be compressed using the new routines. Note: One user reported that the size of his image data files shrank from a whopping 314 megs to just 37 megs using the newer version! Note: Updated 1-8-02 for enhanced XP compatiblity.

DSL/Local WebPage
January 24, 2000 completed installation of ADSL into the offices of WinVoice Development.

Groupware Calendar
Would you like to make your fellow technicians aware of an upcommong dental related event? Use our new Groupware Calendar feature located on our main page. We will also post WinVoice related events.

Tech Support Forum
April 13, 1999 was the debute for our Technical Support Forum! Use this feature on our main page to express yourself.

Online Manuals
March 1, 1999 our Manuals went online. Use this feature to browse our manuals for specific features.

Pro v3.3
A major upgrade of WinVoice Pro is available now! Existing Pro users can upgrade for $99.00, Lite users can upgrade for $129.00.

Junior Plus III
The third Plus module is now available for WinVoice JR. This module adds employee security, limited step scheduling and enhanced reporting.

We just ran across this dental related .gif and felt the need to share it with you. :)

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