WinVoice Online
WinVoice OnLine
A brand new, state of the art dental lab package. Hosted on our webservers with reduntant internet lines and servers, it allows you to be in touch with your lab, no matter where you are. Multiple user roles allow you to set up your customers so they can view their history, statements, and even send in pending work! Call 800-665-0091 to obtain a trial username/password to try our demo site. You may learn more about Winvoice Online by watching this video overview.
Pricing and Ordering
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The following is information on our legacy products.
They have all been discontinued and are not for sale.

WinVoice Junior
A dental laboratory accounts receivable package written for Windows. JR is designed for labs with few employees and for users that are less familiar with the operation of their computers. Affordable and friendly, WinVoiceJR is the first choice for the novice computer user operating a small lab.
Junior Plus Modules
These add-on modules for Junior allow the software to grow along with your business. Keeping the basic software inexpensive and easy to use, while giving you the ability to later expand the software as your computer knowledge and needs grow.
PRO Version
WinVoice PRO
The flagship offering of the WinVoice family of software. WinVoicePRO is an all encompassing package that effectively accommodates medium sized to very large labs. WinVoicePRO allows invoicing and statements for multiple laboratories operating under different names and or locations. Auto scheduling is built in, you may assign employees to perform specific production steps.
WinVoice NET
If your operation requires multiple employees accessing data files simultainously, WinVoiceNET is for you! It is optimized for laboratories that have very large doctor/client lists that produces many invoices per day. WinVoiceNET includes inventory features, three methods of barcoding, as well as advanced invoicing and reporting capability.
Compare Versions
This following chart depicts features of WinVoice software packages, use it to help determine which package is right for your needs.
WWDS   (Example Page)
A utility program that works in conjunction with any WinVoice dental software. It allows you to send WinVoice scheduling information to your home page on the world wide web. Your doctors may then log on and determine scheduling information relating to specific cases.
WinPECOS(PECOS for Windows)
A streamlined version of PECOS written for Windows. WinPECOS has to be one of the greatest timesaving programs for the busy lab owner. WinPECOS allows you to quickly place orders with your suppliers while generating purchase orders at the same time!
PECOS, written for DOS uses your modem to place orders with your suppliers. It's also a full featured perpetual inventory management program! Purchase orders are automatically created making record keeping a snap!
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